Tomorrow’s outlook is dependent on today’s actions.

My name is Erin Trombley,  
and I’m running for Moreau Town Clerk.

Local elections matter. I’ve heard it said that all politicians are corrupt and that’s why people don’t vote. They say there’s so much misinformation and propaganda, people don’t know what to believe. They say burn it all down and start over.

If you were going to start again, where would you start?
Wouldn’t you start with the people you know, in positions that have real impact on your life?
That is exactly what local elections are; people in your town, running to represent you in very impactful ways.
Get to know the candidates. Local candidates are more accessible.

Ask questions. Talk to us.
And vote this November.

Decades of Public Service

I have over 2 decades of experience serving the public through my work in the nonprofit sector, in addition to volunteer roles. Relevant to the clerk’s role, I have significant administrative and relational database experience, have held supervisory roles, am well-written, detail-oriented, and tech-savvy. I’m resourceful, conscientious, and bring a wealth of diverse experience to the table.

All of this is to say that I believe I can best serve the people of Moreau as your clerk.
I will be that friendly, helpful face at Town Hall, there to help you.

More About Me

I grew up here in Moreau (on Charles Street, to be precise), was the first student to complete all 4 high school years of SHMD, graduated from South High, and moved away for college, as many young people do.

And as many young people do, I found my way back to the area to raise my family after about 10 years in the New York metro area. Moreau is a beautiful place to call home.

I’m part of the Moreau United Team.

But I am not on the Moreau United Ballot line. Look for me in the Town Clerk race on Row A with the Moreau United candidates below, as well as Jeff McCabe for Town Justice!

We are Moreau United.

To see the Moreau United website, click the link below.

Contact Me

Text me at: 518-742-9310

Email me using the button below.

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